Juris Doctoris

I did this:

But I couldn't have, without these people (and so many more):

Thank you so much for being there, not just on that one special day, but always.


  1. YEA! Congrats! LOVE the pic of you and Phil! Fun to see all your family too! You guys are such an amazing couple! Congrats!

  2. Ever so fancy! I can't believe you're already done, that's such a great accomplishment! That pic of you and phil is seriously too cute, I sure hope it winds up in a frame on your wall next to your doctorate :)

  3. I love this picture!! I know you're the one that just graduated and all, but Phil totally has the "doctor" look here. haha, love it.

  4. Congratulations Jessie! I am keeping track of all my legal questions to ask next time I see you...now that you're legit and all.