Four More Years! Four More Years!

As many of you have already heard, we're staying.  Phil was waitlisted at Utah, and with my job and bar preparation and our living situation, we just couldn't wait any longer.  Thankfully, Phil was accepted to Temple, an amazing MD school here in Philadelphia, and he may still get into Drexel.  I know you're all very proud of him, but I am, more.  

As much as we wish we could be closer to the Pacific Ocean and the bulk of our family and friends, there's a lot to look forward to out here.  So, to lament celebrate our extended Philadelphianity, here are a few of our favorite things this side of the Mississippi:

   This kid (pictured mid-popsicle-stick-violin recital).

And this one.

And this one (stolen photo--sorry, Anna).  Their parents aren't half bad, either.

High-fiving Stephen Colbert (literally).

High-fiving Jon Stewart (mentally, from several yards away).

One of the best orchestras in the world.

The drivers.

Friends.  (We have some!)

 Real old stuff.

The way important things occasionally happen here.

Our nation's capital.

America's first zoo.

The way Philadelphia can be very pretty, sometimes (photo credit: Randy Wick, fellow East Coast transplant).  More of this, please, Philly!

Now, everyone come out here and visit.


  1. This is so neat. But really. Neat. Way to go!

  2. Way to go Phil! Maybe we should stay too and you can be Hannah's primary teachers forever. I don't think anyone else will be as good for her. ;-)

  3. We'll really miss Hannah and her hilarious (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not) commentary and all the animal factoids—we've learned a lot from her! She's going to do great wherever she goes.

    We'll also really miss our zoo trips. When are you guys leaving?

  4. We're so glad you're sticking around. Thanksgiving wouldn't be the same without you. Here's to Thanksgiving 2011 on the east coast!

    P.S. Love that picture of Miles. That was such a fun trip.