Summer 2011: An Epic Saga -- Prologue

This summer, we took a trip.

Between my job and Phil's school, we knew this would be our last chance for a long while to do any extended traveling, so we decided to make the most of it* by seeing all** of our favorite people and places in one go.  This is what we came up with:

10,466 miles.  372 gallons of gas.  68 days.  16 states.  2 countries.  1 epic journey. 

Here we go!

*The Pennsylvania Bar Exam was July 26 and 27, so "making the most of our summer" had to fit around my study schedule.  I studied about 6–8 hours a day; sometimes more, sometimes less.  I studied in the car, in our tent, on the river bar, and holed up in bedrooms and basements across the country.  I'm going to leave most of that out of the blog, because (a) it's boring and you don't want to read about it; and (b) it's boring and I don't want to read about it.  But just for the record:  I did study for the bar exam.  A lot.

**We missed some of you.  And we really did miss you.

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  1. Great googally moogally. I love that map and your stats! I'm deeply jealous that you guys were able to take advantage of your summer in such an epic way. I'm super happy that I got to see you! I'll need to head out to the east coast soon so I can see you post-bar (with the bun and pearls included, please :)