Summer 2011: An Epic Saga -- The Epic, Epic Conclusion

So, now that 2012 is almost over, we figured it was time to wrap up our adventures from last year so we can catch you all up with the (sadly not as epic) things that have happened to us this year.

The final leg of our epic 2011 journey took us to sunny Issaquah (yes, it's sunny sometimes!), where we hung around Chateau McSwain and ate candy for breakfast and pretzels for every other meal. 

After a few days of lounging/binging, we headed up to Whistler, BC, where our good friend Rhonda treated us to a stay in her swanky timeshare. Once there, she also treated us to a zipline tour.

My excited face.

Or no, wait—this was my excited face. Or maybe my cold face?

Ah—there's my excited face.

Phil had to tuck his legs up so they didn't hit the ground.

Rhonda (left), ziplining pro. Angela (right), freezing her butt off.

Then, also, Rhonda took us on an ATV ride. We saw a bear!
This isn't the bear. This is Rhonda and her nephew, Braden, ready to ride their Vs over A the T.


Angela, always prepared. Helmet: R. Raincoat: R. Pink boxer shorts: R

Our final order of business before heading back to the 'Quah was an 11-mile hike to Garibaldi Lake.
Chrell mix.

There's a spectacular view somewhere behind all that fog.

 How rugged is Phil?


We made it to the lake, and Phil didn't even want to go swimming. What a waste!

I fell through the snow into one of these icy creeks and hiked all the way back down the mountain with a wet sock. My toe bled in protest.

Taken right after Phil finished wrestling a chipmunk bear. SO RUGGED. Also, there's that view I was talking about.

After our hike, we hurried back to the condo to pick up my mom and drive back to Issaquah. It's a good thing we did, too, because otherwise, who would have pushed the car down the off-ramp and into the gas station when we ran out of gas? Thanks, Mom! (Just maybe push a little faster next time, mmkay? Good try, though.)

Back at home, we gathered our things and hit the road for Utah. I took a flight back to Philadelphia to take the bar exam (spoiler alert: I passed! I'm a real lawyer!), and Philip drove the car allllllllllll the way to Philly by himself so he could start medical school on August 1st. Look; look how far he drove:

And that's it. The most epically epic road trip anyone ever went on. 

Hmm... Now the rest of my blog posts will seem really boring and not epic at all in comparison. All downhill from here. :( Still, stay tuned for upcoming posts about me being a lawyer, Philip being almost half of a doctor, and ZOMG OUR NEW PUPPY!!!!!!!11