Summer 2011: An Epic Saga -- Episode 3, The Mighty Chetco

After California, we had had enough of sleeping indoors (in beds, even!).  So we spent a week camping on the Chetco River in Brookings with Jay and Joann et al.  This river was my second home growing up, and it came with a whole second family, even.  It had been far too long since the last time I saw them all.  Here's my Uncle Jay (he's a logger; can you tell?), building a nice little fire for us:
While Max was cutting wood for Jay, he found a big fat grub.  "Gross," I said.  "Get rid of it."  But Max had a better idea:  "Take a picture of it in my mouth." 
*click*  "hold it... hooooold it... almost got it... sorry, camera turned off; hang on... one more... hoooold it..." 

The fire was a bit hot for roasting marshmallows, but Max is what you might call a problem solver.  Or a marshmallow addict.  
Anything for a fix.

We spent most of our time bathing in the sun and the river and hanging out with whichever Petersons happened to show up on any given day.  Phil turned into a giddy little child with all the water dogs around.  He fit right in with Kash and Jayce, Ash's adorably well-behaved boys.

True to form and name, River Granny spent quite a bit of time upriver with us.  I love her.

We also caught up with Dave and Erin again and did some more pickin' and singin'.  They even fed us tacos!  They are just so best.  How best are they?  So.

Uncle David gave Phil a nice guitar to replace the temporary beater I had given him a couple birthdays ago.  See?  So best.
I love this guy.

We popped back into California a couple times to see my gramma and Eden.  We didn't do anything particularly special with them, so there aren't any pictures.  They were busy making costumes and rehearsing for a play.  But they're special, anyway.  We wandered around on the beach by Gramma's house and saw a bunch of seals and pelicans and snakes.
Fat, lazy, smelly.  And adorable.

The ocean!  I love that.

A snake!  Phil loves that.

My Aunt Sue also favored us with a concert.  She gave me one of her beautiful guitars a few years ago and inspired me to sing and play.  If I ever learn as many songs as she knows, I'll feel like I did something with my life.

Notice how I look really tan next to Max (also notice our huge biceps) but really pasty next to my mom.  

I needed more sun to dethrone my mom as the reigning queen of melanin.  Luckily, our next adventure involved prolonged exposure to the mean Idaho sun.  Did we conquer the Salmon River, or did it conquer us?  Don't miss the next episode of our summer saga, in which you will find out that we conquered it.  Obviously.

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  1. I should really be doing something else right now, but it was fun to browse through and see the summer adventure action. Grubs, guitars, and Golden Gates--Good times! (Ok, so the golden gate was on a different post...)